Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Choosing a Blush Colour

To do this, you really need to know your undertones. Blushes should work well with your skin tone. The general rule is cool toned blushes suit cool skin tones, and warm tone blushes suit warm skin tones. If you lean more towards neutral you'll be able to wear a wider selections.

Here are some of my favourites for cool and warm skin tones:

Cool Skin Tones

Benefit Dandelion Powder Blush

A sheer ballerina pink that's great for cool toned pale girls.

Nars Angelika Powder Blush

A cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle with more of a punch, and subtle shimmer (looks more glittery in the pan than when applied).

Illamasqau Rude Cream Blush

Warm pink peach that has enough pink in it for cool toned girls to be able to pull off.

Nars Malibu Multiple

A sheer pink brown. Great as a bronzing shade on lighter skin tones, or as a blush on darker skin.

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

Rose cheek stain, which blends with your skin tone to create a natural flush.

Warm Skin Tones

Nars Exibit-A Powder Blush

Matte orange toned red. This one is perfect for darker skin tones. Use a stippling brush though, as it's super pigmented!

Tom Ford Frantic Pink Powder Blush

A pricey one, but this yellow toned pink looks great on warmer skins. The super soft and easy to blend formula last for hours

Benefit Cheek Tint

A peachy orange tint, this looks scarily bright in the bottle. It's sheer though, so just build up to the intensity you want.

Nars Puerto Vallarta Multiple

Bright tangerine with golden shimmer. Looks scary, but goes on sheer and builds up to give a fresh, warm glow.

Blushes that look good on most skin tones!

Illamasqua Naked Rose Powder Blush

 A great nude pink that works on everyone I've tried it on!

Benefit Sugarbomb

Mix the pink, peach and plum shades together to get a pinky peach with gold shimmer. Although this one pulls warm, it still looks great on cooler skin tones.

MAC Springsheen Cream Blush

A coral pink that just works.

Illamasqua Seduce Cream Blush

A medium dark raspberry colour. It can be applied sheerly for those with paler skin, and layered for darker skin tones.

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