Sunday, 10 November 2013

Search for the perfect dark red lipstick - Inglot lipstick 175 review

Frustrated with the brands I'd tried in Boots, I started searching other cosmetics brands online.  You always hear about Inglot's shadows, but never much about their lipsticks.  I decided to order number 175, as online it looked like a deep, brown toned red (or at least on my screen).

What I got was a very dark purple.  I think aside from my black lipstick, this is now the darkest lipstick I own.  But it's just not very red!  So a little bit of disappointment there.  But I do still love this colour, and it's definitely the perfect vampy purple for fall.

The formula is fantastic too.  In fact, it leaves me wondering why Inglot's lipsticks aren't raved about!  This one didn't have quite so much slip as the purple one I reviewed the other day, but it's still a soft lipstick that glides across lips without any dragging.  It's a really hydrating lipstick and I didn't find myself needing to top with a balm or gloss at all.   Staying power was about what I'd expect for a lipstick that is so moisturising.  It didn't last through a meal, but I didn't find that it smudged everywhere either.

Inglot lipsticks are wonderfully pigmented, and comfortable to wear, and I'd seriously recommend them!  But my search for that dark red lipstick continues....

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