Thursday, 7 November 2013

Spending more money: Bobbi Brown sparkle eyeshadow, and Inglot lipstick review

I'm on a bit of a makeup buying binge at the moment.  My eyeshadow collection, whilst large, is lacking in glittery eyeshadows.  They're not something I'd reach for on a daily basis, but it'd be nice to have the option for when I do feel like sparkling a little!  So I headed to my nearest Bobbi Brown counter, and picked up one of their sparkle eyeshadows.

After covering myself in so many swatches that I looked like a character from Twilight, I chose Silver Lilac.  The colour is, well, a silvered lilac.  The lilac leans more pink than blue, and boy is it sparkly!  Despite this, it's kind of a grown up sparkle, although I do like to team it with some non-glitter shadows so it doesn't look too OTT.  Surprisingly, I didn't have a ridiculous of fall out from it.  I used a base, but it was a non-sticky one (Too Faced Shadow Insurance).  I'm totally in love with this shadow, and I'm sure I'll be adding more to my collection soon!

My second purchase was a lipstick from Inglot.  They're a brand I've been wanting to try for a while, and when I spotted a candidate for 'the perfect dark red lipstick' (separate review coming soon), I felt like I had to buy at least one other item to justify the £5 postage.  I was slightly overwhelmed by their eyeshadow selection, and being the lipstick addict that I am, I decided to try a lipstick from their freedom system range, so I chose a 3 slot palette, and decided to just try one lipstick to see how I liked it.  I was immediately drawn to their Colour Play range, which features a variety of bright colours, including green, blue, and yellow.  I opted for number 95, a bright, blue toned lilac.  There's a fair few purples on the market, but because of the amount of blue in it, I haven't seen anything quite like this Inglot lipstick.

I totally love this colour.  It's bright, and different, without being totally out there.  I had to apply a couple of layers to build this up to full opacity, as it looked a bit strange with my natural lip colour showing through, but it wasn't hard to do.  The formula is wonderfully moisturising and comfortable to wear.  It's got quite a bit of slip to it, which does effect wear time, and I found I had to touch up the colour on a couple of areas where my lip colour showed through after about 3 hours.  Given the right occasion, high maintenance lip colours don't bother me too much.  I didn't have any problems with it smudging everywhere though, so that's definitely a plus!  

The palette I bought to put the lipstick in is able to hold 3 more lipsticks, so that's a good enough excuse to buy more colours in this fantastic formula!

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