Sunday, 8 June 2014

Review - Shiro Intertubes and custom lipgloss

Shiro did an offer at the beginning of May to celebrate their birthday where you got a free eyeshadow, May The Forth Be With You, and as my birthday is May 4th I just had to place an order!  I opted for 3 Intertubes which are being discontinued, and one custom gloss.

I have to say that I am so sad at the Intertubes disappearing, as they are so great to wear!  They're super comfortable and moisturising.  They're still available for the rest of this month, so I may place and order and stock up.

Rickrolled is described as a bright red-orange.  It definitely pulls more coral-orange on my lips.  I usually find oranges quite hard to pull off, but this one is really nice.  Super summery.  It's pretty opaque and applies smoothly.  It's got quite a strong ginger scent to it, which I found to be a little overwhelming to begin with.  The website says the ginger can have a tingly plumping effect, but I didn't notice this at all (which I'm glad off, I'm not a big fan of plumping lip products)


Shoop Da Whoop is my favourite out of  the lot.  It's a bright, glossy, fresh red, that is almost opaque.  This one is unscented, and whilst the wear time is shorter than the others  I can see myself reaching for it a lot, as it's a nice day time red.

Shoop Da Whoop

Sad Keanu is a pinky purple, and the Intertube I had the most trouble with.  I think that the fact that it's darker is the reason behind my struggle to apply it evenly (as you can see from the pictures).  It's a pink toned purple, and it leaves a pink stain behind, which I actually really like!  This one is blackberry scented, although the scent isn't as strong as Rickrolled.  

 Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu stain

Sticking with the purples, I also ordered an opaque custom gloss using Team Rocket pigment.  It's a cool toned purple with blue shimmer throughout.  This isn't quite as opaque as the Ganondorf gloss (seen here), which meant I did have a little trouble getting it to apply smoothly.  I love the blush shimmer in it though, and it's certainly a more unique purple lip colour.  I chose to have it cherry pie scented.  It's a strong cherry scent, and whilst it's not horrible, I don't think I'd opt for that particular scent again.

Team Rocket opaque custom gloss

Overall I'm super happy with my order.  I need to hunt down a good purple lip liner as I think having a good base would mean that Sad Keanu and Team Rocket would apply more evenly.  I'm contemplating buying a back up of Shoop Da Whoop, as well as Why Not Zoidberg and Team Buffy before they disappear for good, as I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them this summer.

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