Thursday, 5 June 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review

Today I had my first round of training on Benefit's up and coming They're Real gel liner.  We've had one of these on counter for a week or so now so I've had a bit of time to play with it and form my opinions.  As I'm not getting my hands on a liner of my own until next week I'm just using a couple of stock photos to begin with.  Lets face it, my personal photos of a pen wouldn't really show you much more!

They're Real Push Up Liner combines the smooth finish of a gel liner with the ease of a pen applicator.  I'm a bit of an eyeliner fanatic, and whilst I love the finish of gel liner I've ditched my gel liners and switched back to liquid liners recently.  My main reason for this is that gel liners dry out so quickly (some quicker than others *cough*Bobbi Brown*).  The pen format should solve this.  You click up just a bit of eyeliner, so you're not exposing the rest of it to the air.  Before you use it you'll want to give the nib a wipe to remove any liner that has dried out from the last time you were using it, but it's such a tiny amount that I don't feel it's wasting lots of product.  After you've done that you'll have fresh gel every time.  This may be one gel liner that I can actually finish!

The accuflex tip is what really makes this eyeliner special (and after 5 years in the making you'd expect it to be good!).  As you can see in the pic above, it's an angled felt pen type nib with a slit in the middle where the product is dispensed.  Each click produces only a small amount of gel, so as long as you don't go click crazy you won't end up with too much.

For me, the application has taken a little bit of getting used to as I'm used to using a liquid liner with a very thin brush.  Even when using gel liners, I've always favoured a thin brush to an angled one.  That being said, I think most people will find this easier to use than Benefit's liquid liner, Magic Eye.  Whilst the brush on Magic Eye is super tiny, you have to have a delicate touch in order to get an even line.  I've been applying liquid liner on myself for over 10 years now, so I judge the ease of use when it comes to liners on how easy it is to apply it on someone else.  I'm comfortable applying liquid liner on others, but my god this pen makes it so much easier!  The soft tip means you can apply pressure without it flaying out like a brush does.  The best way to apply it is to 'stamp' it along the lash line, joining up after.  When I apply it on myself what I notice the most is how easily I can get right up to my lash line.

Here's a couple of pics of one of the looks we did during our training.

When it comes to wear time I struggle with gel liners and this one is no different.  I have the oiliest lids in the world, and if I don't prime my lids I do get the dreaded imprint above my eyelid.  I've tried a dozen and one different gel liners (Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Illamasqua... the list goes on), and I have had this problem with every single one of them.  However, when I put They're Real on my hand it will not budge at all.  This is more like what it's like on other people's eyelids.  You're going to need an eye makeup remover to get this off (which Benefit are also bringing out).  For 99% of people, this is going to be super long wearing.  For the 1% with the oil slick eyelids, a primer will be needed to get all day wear.

Overall, I think this is going to be a holy grail product for so many people.  I'll definitely be getting one for my freelancing kit.  If you've ever struggled with winged liner, give this one a try!  It's out on the 28th July and will be £18.50

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