Monday, 19 August 2013

Pink and blue eyeshadow tutorial

You will need:
Rosey-pink eyeshadow (Sephora De Luxe Punk)
Shimmery light blue eyeshadow (MAC Mutiny pigment)
Medium-deep purple eyeshadow (Urban Decay Tornado from the Glinda Palette)
Shimmery light blue eyeshadow (Urban Decay Aura from the Glinda Palette)
White eyeshadow (MAC White Frost)

Black Liquid Eyeliner (Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner)
Blue Pencil Eyeliner (Urban Decay Electric)
Mascara (L'Oreal Volume Millions for Hazel Eyes)
1.  Apply a rosey-pink eyeshadow with a small fluff brush.
2.  With a tapered blending blush, apply a light blue shadow in the crease.
3.  Using a short shader brush, apply a purple shadow just to the outer v area.
4.  Taking your tapered blending brush again, blend the purple shadow into the blue shadow.  Be careful not to over-blend.  You still want to see the blue shadow.  You may need to apply more of the purple or blue shadow during this step.
5.  Apply a pale blue shadow to the tear duct area with a flat shader brush.  Highlight the brow bone with a sheer white shadow, blending down into the blue with a fluffy tapered blending brush.
6.  With the short shader brush, apply the pruple shadow under the eye.
7.  Use a black liquid liner to line your eye.  I've done a thin line with a larger flick at the end.
8.  Line your water line with a blue pencil eyeliner.
9.  Apply your mascara and you're done!
I finished this look off with a matte medium blue-pink blush (MAC Fashion Frenzy) and a sheer red-toned pink lipgloss (Lacome Juicy Tube in Fraise).

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