Saturday, 17 August 2013

The search for the perfect dark red lipstick

I've been on the hunt for the lipstick a while now.  A good year or so.  Ever since my big MAC lipstick clear out, where I had to throw away my MAC Mattene Lipstick in Kirsch.  The damn thing dried out my lips so badly, and was not at all comfortable to wear, but it was the perfect, vampy, autumn lipstick,  Dark red, and matte (and not a MAC lipstick.  My lips don't often agree with them).  I feel like I have swatched a dozen and one lipsticks in the hopes of finding something similar.  

These are the sort of colour I'm looking for.  But the lipsticks I've tried so far are either too light, or pull too purple. 

So here marks the beginning of yet another go at trying to find the perfect dark red lipstick,  With Fall collections not too far away, maybe this year will bring me some luck...

Smashbox Deep Burgundy

It's pretty much impossible for me to go to Boots and not walk out with makeup swatches over my hands and arms.  On my most recent visit, I found myself at the Smashbox Counter.  When the girl asked what I was interested in looking at, I of course replied with "everything".  Then I spotted their lipsticks, and Dark Burgundy caught my eye.  I swatched it on my hand, and was impressed enough to reply 'why not' when the girl asked if I wanted to try it on.
Apologies for the slightly sloppy application.  This is one lipstick where you should definitely up-sell a lip liner!  It's super creamy, which means it's incredibly moisturising, but it does have a tendency to slide around a lot, meaning things can get a little messy if you're not careful.  The colour was great, but I just wasn't sold on the finish.

After a couple of hours, a meal, and tidying up any left over uneven-ness I was left with a nice stain though.
However, with the glossiness went the dark colour,  Don't get me wrong, it was pretty, but it's not the deep, vampy red I'm looking for.

My quest continues....


  1. I've had the exact same search for over a year now, I've found ColourPop's lipstick range is great! They have a dark red matte lipstick called Avenue which is exactly what I was looking for, may want to try it out :) If you're in the US then you're lucky, as they only sell to US and some surrounding areas, but if you're like me and are in the UK, ebay also sell them! Hope this helps xx

  2. look at Lime Crime's Wicked lipstick c: