Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Shiro cosmetics haul part 2

For the first part of my review, and how my ordering experience was, check out part one here.

I have both the new and old shades from the Legends collection.  The older shades, which I'll mark, are still up for sale on the site under 'discontinued'. Availability is guaranteed through Feb.  I'm hoping that Deku will be available for the first couple of days in March, as if I do another order for colour of the month I want to pick up a full size version.

Like the Randomly Generated shadows I swatched yesterday, many of these shadows have a more complex shimmer to them than my camera picks up.

 Farore's Wind, Hero of Ages, Rupee (discontinued), Kokiri Emerald, Shield-eater (discontinued), Triforce
 Nayru's Love, Majora's Mask, Zora Sapphire, Ocarina (discontinued), Dark Sacrifice (discontinued)
 Death by Cucco (discontinued), Angry Cuccos, Din's Fire, Destiny's Princess, Zelda (discontinued)
 Octorok (discontinued), Kooloo-Limpah!, Deku (discontinued), Boomerang (discontinued), Small Key (discontinued), Smashing Pots
 Skull Kid, Epona, Master Sword, Temple of Time (discontinued), Victory Road (discontinued), Twilight Realm (discontinued)
 Hearts (discontinued), Heart Piece, Goron Ruby, Ganondorf
 Kaepora Gaebora, A Terrible Fate
 When The Trush Knocks (The Hobbit), Farewell Wherever You Fare (The Hobbit), War of Five Armies (The Hobbit), You Know Nothing (The Seven Kingdoms)

The second gloss I ordered was an opaque gloss using Ganondorf  pigment.  I was expecting a deep brown-red (I know, I know, another dark red?).  When it arrived I was pretty disappointed to find that it was just dark brown.  Very little red in it at all.  But I put it on, and actually didn't hate it!  It's definitely not like anything else I have in my collection.

Like the Moon Prism Power gloss, it's quite a dry, powdery gloss, and the glossiness wears off after an hour or so.  I decided to try it on top of a red lipstick (Dior Diorling), and it's stunning.  An absolutely perfect dark red shade.  The fact that it drys down only makes me like it more, as I don't have to worry so much about smudging it.  The only problem is that if you need to top your lip colour off, you have to take the whole lot off and start again, otherwise you'll just end up with the brown gloss.  I wouldn't wear it out for a meal because of that, but I'll definitely be wearing it the next time I go out for drinks with friends!  

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