Sunday, 31 August 2014

Revolution lipstick in Divine - Review and FOTD

My skin has been going absolutely crazy this week so I've haven't really felt like taking photos.  To cheer myself up I splashed out a whole £1 and picked up Revolution's matte lipstick in Divine.  

It's a light peach, which just leans slightly pink.  This is about the lightest colour I'll go for on my lips, as anything paler tends to look a little corpse-like on me.  Mattes seem to be the toughest finish to get right, and when I first applied this lipstick I was expecting it to be drying as it was on the stiffer side and dragged across the lips a little.  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was though!  I wore it without a gloss on top and didn't ever feel the need to add some hydration, which for me is very impressive.

It's not the most forgiving lipstick, and even though I prepped my lips you can still see where it shows up dry skin that I thought I'd gotten rid of.  It wasn't noticeable from a distance though, so providing you exfoliate and moisturise it's wearable.  I've reached for this lipstick a couple of times, and I'm eager to pick up a couple more shades.  They're so cheap that I won't feel guilty for treating myself!

The look is using my usual face stuff, and my Naked 3 palette with Urban Decay's Demolition and Zero pencils to smoke it out. 

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