Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Barry M Bright Purple nail polish review

After trying, and not being particularly impressed, by Barry M's gel polishes, it was nice to get back to their cream formula and be reminded as to why I keep buying their nail varnishes. 

Bright Purple is, as you'd suspect, a bright purple colour.  It leans more pink/fuchsia (although nowhere near as fuchsia as the recently reviewed Grab by Illamasqua).  It's a little brighter than the picture shows, and definitely has that summer nail varnish feel to it. The cream formula applies well.  It's not too thick or thin, and doesn't pool around the edges of the nail.  After the second coat I was worried that it was going to be patchy, but a third coat soon sorted that out, making it completely opaque.

Barry M polishes dry down in a reasonable amount of time, but I still find myself reaching for a quick dry top coat (although I will admit, I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to waiting for nail varnish to dry!).  I usually get 3-4 days with just minor tip wear before their cream finishes start to chip.  It is however worth noting that I don't look after my nails very well, so nail polishes don't ever last on me very long.  Barry M polishes fall at about the mid-way mark.

This polish has re-kindled my love for Barry M polishes, although I think I'll be sticking to their cream formula.  Bright Purple is probably the last summery shade I'll buy this year though, as during the autumn and winter I tend to reach for darker shades.

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