Monday, 9 September 2013

Review - Illamasqua Nail Polish in Alarm

So I'm super happy to announce I will have another blogger joining me to write posts for my blog! Rae will be helping me out with looks, reviews and the like.  Here's her first review of Illamasqua's nail polish in Alarm.


A few weeks back Illamasqua had a big sale, and I went a bit mad in the nail varnish section. I love their nail varnishes a lot!

I find that most Illamasqua nail varnishes go on smoothly, and dry in a reasonable time so you don't really need to use a quick dry top coat. When I put Alarm on, I was happy to see it was just as I had expected.  The colour is a warm red, with an orange hint, and it dries down to a bright, glossy finish.

I can see it working better on people with warm undertones, but the fact that it's not too yellow means it'll work for people with cooler undertones, like myself.

I always apply 2 coats as I love to really get that bold, bright colour, but it's almost opaque after one coat, and you could probably get away with wearing it like that.

I find that most Illamasqua nail varnishes wear for days on end, with little or no chipping or fading. This one is no different, and you can get a good 4-5 days out of it. When I'm wearing false nails, it lasts a lot longer, and I can go a good couple of weeks before it starts to chip.

One final note is that this is really messy to remove, and not one you want to be taking in a hurry!

This is a great colour, but for me, it was a little too bold for every day wear. However, it's perfect for a night out, and definitely one I'll be reaching for again. 

~ Rae Rae

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