Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas beauty haul

I arrived home yesterday after spending Christmas with my parents in France.  I did quite well this year as far as beauty gifts go, and I thought I'd share some pics of my goodies with you all.  Some of these I was bought, others I purchased with money I was given. 

My first gift. Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Aragonite (151) was given to me by a friend.  Given my love of all things glittery at the moment, this gloss couldn't be more perfect.  It's packed full of golden white and pink glitter, that looks absolutely stunning when it catches the light.  This is the ultimate glitzy new years eve party gloss, and I'd highly recommend it to anybody wanting to add a little extra something  to their celebratory look. (Keep scrolling for swatches!)

My second beauty gift I received was from my brother.  He joked that my presents each year get smaller, but more expensive!  They also get prettier.  I'm sure I've mentioned my love of Armani's Lip Maestros before, as they're an incredible formula.  A liquid lipstick that drys down to a modern matte finish that last comfortably for hours.  Armani's Christmas collection this year looked more to me like a summer collection.  A collection filled with vibrant pinks and oranges.  I fell in love with the bright pink lipstick (505), and was super happy to find it wrapped up under the Christmas tree waiting for me.  The swatches below make it look more coral than it is, but I'm sure that I'll be showing it's true colour off in a look soon.

Next up are a couple of items that I bought using some money I received.  I'd had my eye on one of the lipsticks from Guerlain's Crazy Paris collection, and was hoping it would pop up in the post Christmas sales.  I was lucky and managed to nab the Rouge Automatique in Illusion for half price!  It's described as a 'subtle sparkling plum'.  It's a deep pink-fuchsia with pink sparkle.  It's sheerer than the Rouge G formula that I'm used to, but it was love at first sight with this shade.

I also spotted a the glosses from Guerlain's fall collection in the sale, and just had to have Madame Fascine, a deep purpley-plum.  Applied it's quite sheer, deepening my natural lip colour.  It's a really nice every day shade for the colder months, and I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of use out of it!

Here's some swatches of the above products.  As I said earlier, the Armani Lip Maestro is far pinker than the swatch here looks. 

Another product that I splashed out on was quite a find for me.  Back in October I read Temptalia's review of Guerlain's Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder.  I own one lot of meteorite pearls, which I love.  They're quite often the finishing touch that I apply to my makeup just before I head out of the door.  So when a pinkier, pressed version popped up, I knew I had to have it.  But do you think I could find them?  Most stores, whilst carrying the Crazy Paris collection, didn't stock the pressed meteorites.  The one store that did (I think it was either Harrods or Selfidges) sold out before I got there.  I then tried the French Sephora site, hoping I could get it sent to my parents.  No luck.  Then I scoured American websites, with the thought that my friend could forward it on.  All sold out.  So I gave up.  Then, whilst visiting the town of Agen with my parents, I dragged them into Sephora.  It was only as a passing thought before we left that I checked the Guerlain stand.  And there I found my meteorites!  I'm sure my parents and brother thought I was mad, but I knew that I'd kick myself if I didn't get them!  So now I am the proud owner of Guerlain's Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder.  And at less than half the price of the regular pressed meteorites, it's worth every penny.  I don't like the packaging as much, but having got my hands on it made my day!

There's not really much point in me posting swatches of this, as those who know meteorites will know how subtle the effect is, and how difficult it is to catch on camera.  The effect is a healthy glow from within, a radiance which looks natural, rather than achieved by makeup.  For someone like me who suffers from a chronic illness (or two!), and therefore has a tendency to have tired looking skin, this is a luxuary that's well worth having.

My final piece to show you isn't so much makeup related, but continues on the Guerlain theme.  I'm not one for perfume, but a year ago I fell in love with Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire Eu De Parfum.  With notes of black rose, black cherry, and patchoucli, fading down to reveal vanilla and licorice scents.  It's sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, and it wears well on my skin.  So when I unwrapped a bottle of La Petite Robe Noir shower gel, it was guaranteed to be a hit.  I would never spend such a large amount of shower gel for myself, so it was a wonderful present to receive.  The smell alone makes it feel so luxurious to use, as it's a far more complicated scent (especially compared the the Original Source shower gel I'm used to!).  You don't need a lot for a thick lather, which means it will last me for many washes, and the smell remains on my skin for a good few hours afterwards.

I feel so incredibly lucky this year to have gotten my mitts on so many wonderful beauty items.  There certainly was a Guerlain theme!  I also received a Remmington Pearl Curling Wand, which I may review once I've had a proper play with it.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and that you all have a happy new year!

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