Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sleek Celestial palette swatches

I was hoping to be able to do a full review of this, but I've been stuck in bed ill all day today, so this will just be some swatches and my initial thoughts!

This winter themed palette is full of cool toned blues, greens and purples. I love the colour selection! It's a healthy mix of mattes, frosts, and sparkly shades.  The swatches below are just one swipe with my finger over no base.

I was a little disappointed with these initial swatches to be honest.  The sparkly shades are pretty chalky.  Usually I'd put that down to the matte base, but I know that Sleek can do mattes well.  I'm hoping that once I put them over an eyeshadow base I'll be able to build up the colour.  The frosts swatch well though.  The shade on the end is very similar to MAC's Club eyeshadow; a green/brown duo-chrome, that my camera just hasn't picked up on.  The most disappointing shade is the light green matte, which is really chalky and quite sheer.  

I love Sleek palettes, but at the moment this one just hasn't impressed me.  I'm holding out final reservation until I try and the shadows over a decent base though.  I really hope my first impression of this is wrong, because it could be such a beautiful winter palette!

*edited to say that they are amazing over a primer! Check out some looks here, here, and here*

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