Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Urban Decay Vice and Addiction nail polishes review

Whilst raiding my friend's makeup stash, I couldn't help but try out Urban Decay's nail polish offerings.  They only have four colours in their line at the moment, and I tried out Addiction and Vice.

First off, I love the bottles these come in.  The heavy silver cap with a skull on the end is definitely very Urban Decay, and it feels like a high end polish.

Vice is a deep, rich purple with subtle shimmer, and Addiction is a metallic pewter shade.  Addiction is the more unique out of the two, and was my favourite. 

The formula of both were impressive, although Addiction was prone to visible brush strokes.  That tends to be the way with more metallic shades though, and with careful application it isn't too much of a problem. It may also be worth noting that these are free of the big three (toluene, formaldehyde amd DBP).

Wear time on these was on par with other mid-high end polishes, with some mild tip wear after 2 days (I'm not very careful with my nails!).  I got 4 days before I had noticeable chips from Vice, and 5 days with Addiction.  Both polishes were removed easily.

I'd love to see Urban Decay bring out more shades, as these are really nice!  Keep a look out on the Debenhams website over the next couple of days, as they've been a little sale crazy recently, so you might be able to pick these up for a little less than the £10 they usually retail for.

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