Monday, 9 December 2013

NARS Crime of Passion swatches

This isn't a full review, as this is actually a friend's Christmas present that we were allowed to open and swatch early!  I know there has been some controversy due to some of Guy Bourdin's darker work, but I'm going to put that aside and just focus on the palette.

The compact is the same black rubber you'd expect from NARS.  I really like it, as it feels like it'll give your eyeshadows a fighting chance if you were to drop it!

On the top, there are three neutral eyeshadows; a light nude with golden undertones, a mid-tone brown, and a black.  There's also a gap for a mini tube of Deep Throat lipgloss, which is a peachy-pink with gold shimmer.

Underneath you'll find Deep Throat blush, a peachy-pink with subtle gold shimmer, and Laguna bronzer, which is a light, warm toned bronzer. 

The light nude and brown eyeshadows are both a satin finish, and swatch well.  The light shade is the best performing, and would make a great highlight shade, as well as being great on the lid.  The brown leans more warm, but not so much that cooler toned ladies couldn't use it.  The matte black is a big disappointment.  I'm not sure why so many brands have problems with their matte black eyeshadows.  This isn't as bad as MAC's Carbon, but there are much better blacks out there.  I had to be really heavy handed with my finger to get a swatch this good.  When you just use a brush, it's pretty rubbish.

Deep Throat is top of my want list as far as blushes go.  It's like Orgasm's pinker, more subtle sister.  It's a colour that will suit a lot of skin tones.  NARS are known for their great blushes, and this is definitely a great one for them to include in the palette.

Laguna is a warm toned bronzer, so I'm not sure how those with cooler undertones will find it.  The subtle gold shimmer means that it gives you a nice glow, rather than making you look like a disco ball.  It has the same nice texture that their blushes have, and it's easily built up.

The gloss, Deep Throat, perfectly matches the blush.  It's a fairly sheer shade, which will give just a hint of colour too the lips, along with some gold shimmer.  It'd be great for both a nude look, or teaming with a darker, smokier eye.  I'd also like to show you how tiny the lip gloss applicator is.  I know it's a mini tube, but the applicator is just so small that I can't see myself using it!

Overall, this is a nice palette.  The matte black eyeshadow is the only real let down, and that may not be such a problem if you prefer a softer black.  Due to the dryness in texture, it's probably best used as a liner as blending can be a problem.  Luckily the other two eyeshadows are nice enough to pull of a soft nude, every day look.  I'd buy the palette more for the blush, bronzer, and gloss, as these are really the stand out products in the palette.  It's a nice way to try some NARS products that you may not have tried before, and the colours are universal enough for it to be bought as a gift, without having to worry too much about whether it'll suit the person receiving it.

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