Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dramatic Aarbic inspired look

For those of us with rounder eyes, Arabic inspired makeup can be difficult to do.  Usually when you wing out your liner, you follow the natural curve of your eye.  This means that you don't get that long, drawn out cats eye shape.  This is a tutorial which shows how the effect can be achieved.

Products Used
NARS Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (matte white)
Sleek Vintage Romance palette (medium purple, dark purple, gold, and black)
MAC Nylon eyeshadow (white-gold)
Illamasqua black gel eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero (black)
Lancome Hypnose Star mascara
Girls With Attitude False Lashes - Diva

The red line in the first picture shows where my wing would usually go.  As you can see, it follows my lower lash line, and goes up in quite a steep line.  For this look I'm going to be ignoring that line, instead placing it on the angle shown by the blue line. This line starts about a quarter of the way along the lash line, and only slopes up slightly.  This line is the key to getting this look right!

1.  After priming my eye with an eyeshadow base and NYX Milk, I placed a piece of tape where I want the wing to go.  Draw in your crease line, using the tape as a guide line.  I drew my crease line a little above where my natural crease lies, giving myself more lid space.  Blend out the black liner with a tapered blending brush.

2.  I like to remove the tape, as I feel it gets in my way, but if you prefer you can leave it on until step 8.  With a flat shadow brush, pat gold eyeshadow over the lid, all the way up to your black crease line.

3.  Taking the tapered blending brush. apply the bright purple shadow in the crease area, over the black pencil.

4.  Pat the white-gold highlight colour along the brow bone, and at the inner corner of the eye.  With a clean tapered blending brush, blend the purple and the white-gold.

5.  Take a small angled brush and define the crease line with a dark purple shadow.  I use the side of the angled brush to gently blend the dark purple up into the lighter purple.

6.  Next, using your flat shadow brush, pat black shadow along the wing, blending it into the lid colour at the same angle.  Alternate between black and gold until you're happy with the blending.

7.  If you haven't yet taken the tape off, now is the time to do so.  Clean up any fallout you may have.  I also run a line of concealer along the wing.
8.  With a black gel liner and a pointed eyeliner brush, draw a fairly thick black line all around the eye, using the line you created with the tape as a guide line.  The liner under the outer corner of your eye will be thickest, as this is where you're changing the shape.  Point the liner at the inner corner too.

9.  Run the purple shadow under the eye.  Use a black shadow to blend the black liner down into the purple.  Apply black pencil liner to the upper and lower waterline.

10.  Add mascara and some nice big lashes!

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